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Alligator hunting

Alligator hunting is available year-round on private hunting lands and guide services are available to assist with scheduling the hunt, securing the necessary permits and generally provide a choice of hunting options, ranging from bowhunting to rifle hunting. Most specialize in hunting trophy alligators in the 10-ft range and will refer the novice hunter to meat processing and taxidermy services.  Lodging, transportation, and meals are often included in the price of the gator hunt. A typical alligator hunt will last from two to four hours and may be led on foot, by swamp buggy or boat depending upon the size alligator being hunted and the hunting experience selected.


Duck hunting

Lake Okeechobee is home to some of the best duck hunting in the world, during season which typically runs from September to February, with some variation by the Florida Wildlife Commission to maintain and preserve the duck populations. Local guides are available to lead you to the best duck hunting locations around Glades County. Duck Hunts typically include fuel and airboat transportation and many guides have affiliations with local accommodations, restaurants, and other services to help you plan your hunt.


Hog hunts

Like alligator hunting, hunting for wild boar, considered to be a major nuisance to agriculture around Lake Okeechobee, is available year-round. Outfitters and guides offer a variety of hunting experiences including spot and stalk hog hunting, night hunts, buggy hunts, or spear hunts, while pricing is determined by the type of hog you harvest - a sport/meat hog or trophy hogs which are more than 200 lbs. and have more than 2" of teeth.  While trophy hunting is largely guaranteed on some of the larger private preserves, guides conducting wild hunts on private and state managed land continuously scout properties where the best hogs are if you're looking to hunt a trophy.

Osceola Turkey hunts

Florida is home to the Osceola Turkey, one of only five subspecies of wild turkey in North America. Hunters vying for a grand slam (all 5-turkey subspecies) or those who just love Florida's great hunting weather all enjoy bagging their wild Osceola Turkey during either the fall season (August through October) or spring season (March-April).

As the Florida Wildlife Commission changes the Osceola hunting season dates to maintain and preserve the populations, the season may shift slightly each year.


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