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Go Fish! In gloriously natural Glades County

While Lake Okeechobee is recognized as the Bass Capital of Florida with both Okeechobee and Clewiston hosting major professional bass fishing tournaments, even professional anglers agree there is no better place to go fish the Big O than on the western side in gloriously natural Glades County.

The west side of the lake known as “The Shoal” includes excellent fishing holes such as Harney Pond, Monkey Box, and Kissimmee River. All well-known spots for tournament anglers.


Fall Fishing

Fall fishing from September through November is some of the best time to fish the western shore of the great lake, between Lakeport and Moore Haven. The fall brings cooler weather and the bass start feeding heavily this time of year. The submerged grass off the Indian Prairie Canal is a good site. Largemouth Bass are prevalent from November through February and Peacock Bass have become a fan favorite of late.

Heading into the winter months Black Crappie, known locally as Speckled Perch, are among the preferred game fish to catch, beginning in November but typically peaking in January then continuing into early April. Although they’re caught year-round, the warmer months are much slower. Prime target areas for specs besides Indian Prairie Canal, include King’s Bar and Buckhead Ridge in gloriously natural Glades County.


Winter Fishing

Winter fishing (December through February), puts the largemouth bass into spawning mode. Look for large groups of bass to move into the shallows to spawn a few days before both the new and the full moons, around hydrilla, reeds and any other areas with hard bottom. Look for isolated lily pad clumps and if a cold front moves in, target the thickest cover.

Some of the best places to fish for bass this time of year are Tin House Cove, Buckhead, Observation Shoal and North Shore, all in gloriously natural Glades County.


Spring Fishing

March ends the bass spawn and bluegill and shellcracker start spawning. Look for bass to feed on these pan fish as they spawn in large groups, creating a feeding ground for the bass. The bass will start to move to the outer edge of the cattail wall this time of year, from March through May.

Best known as a seasonal fishing hot spot during the fall and winter, summer is the best time to catch panfish like Sunfish, bluegill and shellcracker on Lake Okeechobee. It’s also a great time to teach your kids to fish. Sunfish like to spawn in groups of five to 2,000 fish in one little area with the average group being 20 to 50 fish.

Although Buckhead Ridge is a particularly good spawning ground for shellcracker and bluegill, virtually any area with a hard bottom, with reeds, eel grass and hydrilla are great places to fish for a variety of fish, including catfish. Find clean water and fish into the wind for best results.

 With 34 miles of trailheads along Lake Okeechobee in Glades County, you’re sure to find a good spot. Pan fish will spawn anywhere with clean water and a hard bottom. When you find groups of small white circles together these are spawning beds and can be seen very easily in clean water.


Summer Fishing

For the big kids, summer, June through August, is also a great time to catch bass, but it’s all about getting on the water early, typically 15 minutes before sunrise. Again, some of the best fishing areas are in Glades County beginning at the east side of Kings Bar near Buckhead or between Moore Haven and Lakeport.

For anglers who may feel overwhelmed when faced with the size and the variety of fishing on Lake O, many consider hiring a professional fishing guide. Some folks hire guides to be sure they catch fish. Other folks want to learn the basics of the sport or have the guide teach them a particular technique. Still others hope the guide can help them find the best fishing holes on the great lake.

Navigating the lake can be dangerous for newcomers, particularly when Lake Levels are low. For its size, the lake is actually quite shallow, with an average depth of only 9 feet during the winter season. Water levels play a major role in the health of lake Okeechobee’s fishery. When water levels are down, it helps vegetation grow, which is where you find grass shrimp breeding and reproducing and also where you find the fish.

If you want to get the latest fishing report, lake levels or just hear some good fish tales, stop in at any of the locally owned and operated bait and tackle shops in Glades County, where the owners will be happy to point you to the nearest boat ramp and refer you to a number of fishing guides.


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